Corporate Team Building Event

Space in Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for fun and cost-effective ways to build teamwork, improve communication, and bolster productivity? Metro Fun Center offers several different team building exercises designed to help you accomplish your organizational goals.

Metro Fun Center in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the best team building event spaces in the metro area. A massive space, with that can be easily customized to the unique goals and needs of your organization. Continue reading to learn how Metro Fun Center can help strengthen your team through fun, challenging, and engaging team building activities in Atlanta.

Team Building

Obstacle Courses Boost Communication at Our Atlanta Event Center

One of the most popular activities for team building available at Metro Fun Center is our Playland Obstacle Course. Set up like a relay race, it helps participants work together, communicate and develop strategies for winning the course.

There are also other inflatable activities at Metro Fun Center for team building, including a bungee area and basketball hoop.

Team Building with Laser Tag in Atlanta

Metro Fun Center offers a myriad of different laser tag team building activities designed to elevate your team to the next level. Since it’s a game where communication with team members is key, laser tag addresses these critical team building facets:


Establishing and growing team trust


Fostering effective teamwork and communication


Helping optimize employee adaptability


Logic skill building, problem-solving skills, and vital decision-making skills.

Laser tag is a fun team building activity that will help your team get to know and respect each other on a deeper level while offering a challenge they can all learn from. At Metro Fun Center, we use several different laser tag games to bring out the best in your employees.

Bowling for Team Building Success at Metro Fun Center

While bowling is commonly viewed as an individual sport, you can bowl for successful team building at Metro Fun Center. We offer several different bowling team building activities to do just that.

For instance, Blind Bowling is where your employees are paired in teams of two. While blindfolded, each person must bowl. The person not bowling must help them line up the ball, avoid stepping over the foul line, and navigate them down the alley.

As you can imagine, this activity requires communication and teamwork — two critical skills that can help improve productivity. Our bowling activities are engineered to establish trust in a fun, comfortable, and engaging environment.

Metro Fun Center uses a full selection of different bowling team building activities to help you get the most out of your team building event.

Corporate Team Building Skating Events in Atlanta

Corporate team building skating parties are also an excellent way to congratulate your team for their hard work and accomplishments while building camaraderie. We offer a myriad of different activities to bring your staff members closer and make them more productive. You tell us your unique goals, and we’ll work closely with you to help you accomplish them.

Simple and Effective Team Building Billiards Exercises

In addition to inflatables, skating, bowling, and laser tag team building exercises, Metro Fun Center also offers several simple and effective billiards team building activities. We use billiards team building activities to create friendly competition and cooperation to help you achieve your organizational goals.

Contact Metro Fun Center for Atlanta Team Building Activities

No one knows your team as well as you do, which is why it’s oftentimes best for owners and managers to actively develop their own team building activities. Metro Fun Center will partner closely with you to create a variety of engaging activities designed to help everyone on your team work better together!

Contact Metro Fun Center, the best event space in Atlanta, for corporate team building activities or a tour of our facility.